The Victura Society

The Victura Society logoEstablished in 2008, the Victura Society recognizes individuals and families who have decided to leave a legacy of leadership at the JFK Library Foundation through bequests, retirement plans, charitable trusts, and other planned gift arrangements. These generous gifts ensure that the legacy of John F. Kennedy and the work of the JFK Library Foundation continue to inspire future generations.

The following pages provide more information on the Victura Society and the impactful legacy you can create here at the Kennedy Library. If you would like more information on how you can include the JFK Library Foundation in your future giving plans, please contact James Jenkins at

Donor Stories

Carolyn Benthien. Link to her story.
Carolyn Benthien

“The Library has fed my spirit and provided a place to honor a legacy I’ve valued for over 60 years.”

Fred and Julie Ann James. Link to her story.
Julie Ann James

“I decided to establish a gift to the JFK Library Foundation because I wanted the values that I identify with in the Kennedy legacy to live on.”

Photo of Tom Brown. Link to his story.
Tom Brown

“There is something we can all do. We are supporting American democracy and making some effort to ensure others learn.”

Photo of Ted Sorenson. Link to the Sorenson family story.
Sorensen Family

“If you share the values of President Kennedy’s legacy – justice for all, peace, and the belief that each person can make a difference, your gift could be highly impactful to further your goals as well as those of the JFK Library.”

Photo of Jackie Jenkins-Scott. Link to her story
Jackie Jenkins-Scott

“I want to be sure that future generations can walk through the doors of the Kennedy Library and think to themselves, I, too, can make a difference and can even become President of the United States.”

Photo of Dan Fenn. Link to his story.
Dan Fenn

“There are few places on earth where one can find the inspiration to lead with courage.”


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