Dan Fenn

Photo of Dan Fenn As a staff assistant to President Kennedy and the first director of the Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Dan Fenn’s role in presenting JFK’s vision for our country began well before the doors opened on Columbia Point. When the Kennedy Library facility opened in 1979, Fenn sought to welcome young people to the Library. Today the Library’s parking lot is filled with buses of visiting school groups. As a father of seven and a grandfather of fourteen, Dan knows the importance of inspiring young people.

Fenn named the Kennedy Library Foundation as a charitable beneficiary of his estate plan to provide yet another lasting legacy to the Kennedy Presidential Library. “There are few places on earth where one can find the inspiration to lead with courage. When I see children listening intently to a recording of President Kennedy, I believe that there is hope and opportunity to improve our communities, our country, and the world.”

Listen to the JFK35 podcast “West Wingers” episode to hear Dan Fenn discuss his time working with President Kennedy.

Photo of President Kennedy and Dan Fenn


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